Privacy Policy
Flight Plan Database Privacy Policy

Last modified August 17 2018, in advance of September 1 2018 applicability.

We take security of your personal information seriously throughout the Flight Plan Database. This document details what information is collected, how it is used and who has access to it.

Information Collection and Usage
The following identifiable information is collected and stored by the Flight Plan Database:

- Email address: An email address is collected when registering for an account on the Flight Plan Database and is used for account identification and transactional messaging about account updates. This address is held on the Flight Plan Database servers for the lifetime of the account (unless the account email is changed) and shared only with the email service provider (Amazon Web Services) necessary to send emails. A hashed version of the email address is also used for profile images from Gravatar, although only if activated in the account settings.

- User entered location information: This information is collected only when a user chooses to add a location to their profile and is used only for display purposes. This information is publicly available to any site visitor.

- Requesting IP: This information is collected as requests are received by the Flight Plan Database servers and is used for site performance testing and abuse prevention. This information is held on the Flight Plan Database servers for 90 days and is also shared with the error tracking service Sentry only in the event of site errors.

- Cookies: The Flight Plan Database sets and uses cookies to store state between requests and store preferences for site interactions.

The Flight Plan Database servers are located in Europe. Where required by law, the Flight Plan Database may share the above information with government agencies.

Data Rights
All user account data can be removed by deleting your account in the account settings page. This account data may also exist in recent logs and backups, which are deleted within a month. For expedited deletion or for information on all user information held, please contact us.

Changes to this Policy
This policy may be updated at any time. Prior to these changes becoming effective, we will notify you through your account email address and give options for continued compliance and consent.

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If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.