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The Flight Plan Database was originally launched in late 2008 as a site for managing and sharing X-Plane flight plans. A complete rebuild released in early 2014 extended many of our capabilities, particularly with improved flight planning.
Under no circumstances should any of the plans or data listed on this site be used for real-world aviation or as a substitute for proper flight planning. We have no verification of the existence of routes or waypoints and even plans based upon real routes may be out of date. As such, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of their use outside of flight simulation.
The Flight Plan Database was initially built around the X-Plane flight plan format but, with the major 2014 update, is now completely format independent. Therefore, we can now offer a wider range of export options to other flight plan formats.

Current list of available export formats is as follows:

If you have another format you believe should be supported, please contact us. Considerations for new formats are based upon the existence of an up-to-date file specification and a suitably significant demand for the format. Using the JSON format and the developer API, it is also possible for you to write your own converters.
What is 'Popularity'?
When sorting by popularity, you may notice that it's not strictly by total downloads as it used to be, as this was deemed to unfairly favour older plans. Hence, the popularity ranking is now based on the number of downloads and likes a plan has accumulated divided by the time it has been available. This allows new plans with a lots of downloads in a few days to rival a much older plan with hundreds of downloads, resulting in a much more dynamic top spot.

The formula used to calculate the popularity is as follows:
Popularity index = ((# of Downloads) + 10 * (# of Likes)) / (Days plan has existed + 1)

This means that a like is worth a lot more than a single download and a index of 2, for example, would represent a plan that is downloaded an average of twice a day. However, this is liable to change at any time, as refinements are made to best represent the popularity of a plan.

Note: The popularity ranking is not calculated in real time, as search times would skyrocket. Hence, popularity indexes are updated approximately once per hour.